Sunday, July 20, 2014

Apache TCPMon integration with Axis2

  1. Download the TCPMon-bin zip and extract 
  2. Go to tcpmon-1.0-bin/build path
  3. There you see and tcpmon.bin files to run tcpmon-1.0.jar easily
  4. If you are using Linux version first make it as executable file sudo chmod +x
  5. Run the jar file using sudo ./ 
  6. Go to Admin panel in TCPMon app 

    • Change the Listen port to anything eg: 8081 instead of your default listen port 8080
    • Change the Target port to 8080
    • And click Add button it will create a new tab
  7. Now the TCPMon will listen to 8081 port and handle the communication with the default port 8080
  8. Start the apache tomcat server and make sure instead of using localhost:8080 use TCPMon Listen port localhost:8081
  9. Simply navigate to the service or run the client application and explorer the result