Friday, April 3, 2015

Configure Apache ActiveMQ 5.10 and WSO2 CEP 3.1.0

Copy appropriate activemq jars to $CEP_HOME/repository/components/lib 

If you are using activemq-5.9.1, above 5.8.x you cannot find activemq-core-x.x.jar now it has been split into two jars activemq-broker-5.x and activemq-client-5.x. In order to configure you only need these 3 jars to copied inside lib.

1. activemq-client-5.x.jar

2. activemq-broker-5.x.jar

3. geronimo-j2ee-management.x.x.jar

To test the communication run [WSO2 CEP Sample 0002]